Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bunny Hat

Here's an adorable Bunny Hat I completed this week for a friend of mine that has a 9 month old daughter.

I followed the pattern for the ears from this pattern by Ira Rott available on Ravelry. (This is a paid pattern) However, I did not use the hat pattern in this download because it seemed way too small when I was working it up.

The hat pattern I used is a basic HDC stitch and I followed the sizing from Bev's Country Cottage hat sizes. Her sizes are more accurate in my opinion.

I was (I thought) following the pattern for the flower but it somehow ended up with six petals instead of five. That's what I get for watching Netflix and crocheting, huh? =D I did make the flower detachable so it can be used as a hair clip (which is what it's glued to) or as an accessory for a scarf, purse, basically anything you want to clip it to.

My yarn choices are:
  • Red Heart Super Save in White for the hat and part of the ears
  • I Love This Yarn Metallic in Pinkytoes for the pink parts of the ear, flower and hat trim.
  • Yarn Bee Soft Secret in Seafoam for the green part of the flower
  • Herrschner's Baby Sparkle Pompadour in Yellow for the center of the flower

I think it turned out completely adorable!

Here's to hoping you have a blessed Easter and a wonderful weekend.

Peace and blessings,

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