Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mandalas for Marinke - My Contribution

On June 26,2015, a truly creative person took her own life in her struggle with depression. Marinke, better known as Wink, from A Creative Being succumbed to her battle and now her talent is lost to us in this realm. 

If you've had or known anyone with depression you know the struggles it takes to just keep living "one more day". Often times, medication and therapy can help but it's not enough for some. I've struggled with a bit of depression from time to time in my life, but I can not imagine the pain a person would have to feel in order to end it all. 

To those who knew her and to her family
I express my deepest sympathies and want you to know
that my prayers are with you and with Wink.

To honor and remember Wink and to raise awareness for Depression, Kathryn from Crochet Concupiscence has begun a project that all crafters are invited to participate in, Mandalas for Marinke. You can follow the links on that page for FAQ's and direct links to some mandalas that Wink herself designed. You are encouraged to pick your favorite and make one in memory of her.

This is my contribution ...

When I went outside to take these pictures it was just beginning to rain

Your life might feel like the brier patch but peace
and comfort are waiting for you, closer than you think

May you know that there are those who love you beyond measure and there is always help. Below I've linked to a few places that you can call for help if you're feeling depressed, stressed or just need a friendly ear to listen to your troubles.

Never give up!

Peace and blessings to you all,


  1. It's a beautiful contribution. Thank you for posting. Hugs <3

    1. You're most welcome - and it was my pleasure. Although I never knew Wink, I do know people with depression and I wanted to contribute for all of them.

  2. These colors are just gorgeous together! The story is so sad. My heart goes out to anyone in that sithation.

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment =D
      I agree that it's a very sad story to hear hopefully several people will receive an uplifting message of hope from this project <3