Thursday, April 19, 2012

Christmas presents? Already?

That's the question posed to me by my 14 year old daughter the other day when she saw what I was working on. She automatically knew they were gifts . . . somehow . . . (-.-).

"But Mom," she whined, "it's not even May yet!"
"I know, but THIS year I'm going to be ready!" I replied. Yea right. That's what I tell myself every year and inevitably I struggle the week before Christmas to get everyone's items completed. *sigh*

Unlike a lot of bloggers and crafters on Facebook, I don't sell my items. I probably could, well, now that I think about it, I've sold ONE item . . . the raccoon. But it wasn't even really a "sell" because I was just reimbursed for materials. ANYway . . . back to my point. I crochet and craft because I enjoy it, it's relaxing and I can make some pretty cool and unique stuff! So when someone gets an item I've crocheted it's not for money, it's because when I'm making it, I have someone in particular in mind. Like these cute dish cloths!

Now I really do have someone in mind for these. An aunt of mine that lives in Florida, I used to get her dish cloths all the time for Christmas. She actually started to look forward to them, she said it was when she knew she was going to get new ones for her kitchen! Of course she only told me that after the one Christmas I sent her something else. Such is life.

It looks like several people will be getting dish cloths for gifts this year since I have several skeins of this cotton yarn. I just have to be careful because I really want to keep them for myself! But I will make some for me later . . . right now it's Santa time. <insert dramatic music dun dun dun!

Cheers and best wishes for a great weekend!

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