Thursday, April 5, 2012

Completed Works

Alrighty. Here are 2 things I had been working on that are now COMPLETED! Yay!
I always enjoy working on a project and most of the time I'm happy when it's finished.
Other times I am ecstatic! lol

This is the raccoon amigurumi I mentioned a few weeks back. I absolutely loved the way he turned out. And the lady I made him for was very happy as well. You can't really see his tail in this pic but I promise it's there and it's striped.

I used a basic animal amigurumi pattern and adjusted the tail, ears and face until I was happy. The only thing I might have changed would be his eyes. Maybe they could have been bigger but everyone in my family said a raccoon should have beady eyes. ^_^

His snout turned out to be just a cone shape with a black tip. The little whiskers you see here are just some pieces of scrap yarn secured on the inside, pulled through to the outside and I used a blunt needle to pull the "ply" apart. Then I trimmed them down with a pair of scissors.

The Vickie Howell crochet-a-long weekend was a simple spring scarf. Very easy to do once you got the hang of it. The open weave work of the scarf makes it so that it's enough to keep a cool breeze away without the bulk and weight of a typical winter scarf. I used a light-weight 4-ply yarn in a spring green. I wish I could tell you what brand and all that jazz, but I'm notorious for removing the labels from my yarn and stowing away any patterns that might be on them. Which is the case here.
My lovely daughter Katrina is modeling the scarf for me. It's actually a bit longer than what the picture shows. Mine was 42" total (before the edging) and the pattern called for 34". I simply don't care much for a scarf that sits like it wants to be an ascot. But the wonderful thing about crochet (and knitting) is that you can adjust most patterns to suit your needs. I made it with one of my girls in mind and since she tried it on and modeled it, I gave it to her.

I have no clue where she got the pink Batman shirt.

I wonder what Bruce Wayne would say to that?

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  1. I got it at Wal*Mart =) And I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have MUCH to say.. I'd totally catch him staring at my "Batman symbol" and then show him what "Kat"Woman was made of ;)