Thursday, April 12, 2012

My "Sunglasses" Case

And yet again, I made something with one thing in mind but it turned out being used for something different! Another reason why I love crocheting.

I was so excited for my sunglasses case. The length is correct, I fashioned a flap with a button hole, picked out a matching button, lined the inside with fabric (hand-sewing that part, mind you) and closed it all up with a slip stitch around the edges. It looks great!

I even took extra time in choosing the #10 crochet thread over my usual choice of a 4-ply worsted weight yarn. Crochet thread isn't my usual choice. It's very small and likes to wind up on itself if you aren't careful. But you can really make some beautiful things with this stuff so I encourage you to at least try it.

So . . . . . it did not turn out to be a sunglasses case. The sunglasses I have are a bit too large for the case. Oh, they fit inside it just fine but it's way too bulky to easily fit in my purse. I was sorely disappointed. Because it really did turn out looking great, as you can see here.
What am I going to do with it? I found something great to do with it! It's my "personal's" case! This is a perfect little pouch to carry to the restroom. It's small enough look like a make-up case and discreet enough that not everyone in the restaurant knows what's going on! This one is for tampons (as you can see). Plus you have the added bonus of the clerk at Wal-Mart not seeing all your "personal's" selection as you pull out your checkbook/credit-debit card.

There is another you could use for pads. I didn't make this one, my mother did. And she didn't make it for pads either. She made it as a change purse. But it's versatile! Have a great week!

Change Purse

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