Thursday, February 14, 2013

2-Lips Bookmark Pattern

Shouldn't be too much longer until Spring flowers poke their heads out for that first glimpse of sunshine. Tulips are some of my favorites and after last weeks' post of that lip applique I knew I had to make something that was a play on the word ... tulip. So here is the "2-Lip" Bookmark Pattern for you to enjoy.

This is a simple pattern that can be made quickly and with a minimal amount of yarn. As always the color and yarn choices are your own.

2-Lips Bookmark


Gauge is not important to this project.

  • Chain (ch)
  • Slip Stitch (sl st)

To make this project you will first need to make 2 Luscious Lips and finish them completely.

This lacy chain will curl up and make it look like the lips are kissing!
To make the bookmark tether: With I hook, chain 46. 
sl st in the 4th ch from hook, this makes an attachment point for the lips.
Ch 3, *skip next stitch, sl st in next, ch 3*. 
Repeat from * to * across the chain.
When you get to the last 2 stitches, instead of chaining 3, only ch 2 and sl st in last ch.
Leave a tail for securing lips to the tether.

Using the embroidery needle, attach one set of lips to the end where you finished the tether.
Cut a 4" to 6" piece of yarn and secure the second set of lips to the other end. You can attach like I did to the back of the Lips or if you prefer you can attach to the top or bottom lip.
Weave in all ends and secure.

Now you have a cute statement for that special someone. Happy Valentine's Day!

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