Thursday, March 6, 2014

National Craft Month: Let's Celebrate!

Way back in 1994 (like that was a long time ago, lol) a group of people got together and declared March as National Craft Month. This blog and this site both credit the origins of National Craft Month to the Craft and Hobby Association. I'm not entirely sure it's accurate because according to their own website, the Craft and Hobby Association didn't come to fruition until 2004. Two different groups got together to form the Craft and Hobby Association: the Hobby Industry Association (HIA) and the Association of Crafts and Creative Industries (ACCI). Maybe I'm a purist, but personally I like to know which one actually started it. Maybe someone out there can let me know? =D

Since it IS National Craft Month, I decided it was right for me to learn a new craft. So I'm giving knitting another try. I have a wonderful aunt in Florida that read my post about the frustration I was having. Being the wonderful aunt that she is, she had pity on me (and I'm sure a few laughs =D) and sent me the book she used when she was learning to knit herself.


You're right. I very well could have gone and bought this for myself. But I'm one of those people that doesn't like to waste money. Not that I don't ever do that, it's a fact of life that's hard to avoid at times. But if I know that I'm not likely to finish a project, or if I have to purchase tools for something that I'll most likely only do once, I usually avoid it.

So here's to trying a new craft in celebration of National Craft Month! Let me know if you're trying something new! A new craft entirely? A new stitch or painting technique? Maybe you're venturing into something entirely new and you're going to try woodworking or photography? I'd love to see what you're making and hear all about the experience!

As for me, I'm sure the project I decide on will be the subject of a post in the near future =D.

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  1. You know I"m always doing stuff I have no idea how to do. Fearless can be awesome and crazy too! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :)