Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need a Break . . .

You know, when you love something so much that you do it every day, you can get distracted and frustrated when the next thing to make becomes an evening of surfing the web, browsing the 300+ saved patterns on the computer and perusing the back issues of over 123 issues of different crochet magazines.

I know - that was a mouthful. But I found something that helps me get back on track and refocused on a project: I take a break. I put it down (IT being the crochet hook and yarn) for 2 or 3 or even 8 or 10 days. That sounds like a lot of time but when you're trying to recenter the crochet chi - it really isn't that long.

Recently I took such a break. When they were demolishing my bathroom. It's fixed now, I'll post a pic at the end of this post. I'm certainly happy with the results of that project!

Anyway - on to my other crafty endeavor. I made these little beauties with Creative Paperclay®. You may remember this post from when I did a project with it before. I really like this stuff, too. I love the way these two necklaces turned out.

Some of you may immediately recognize the iconic image - others not so much. You have to be a gamer geek. Specifically an MMORPG gamer geek.

These are my renditions of the Hearthstone from the game World of Warcraft. The blue one is a nod to the Alliance players while the red one shows honor to the Horde. I enjoyed making them and I finally got over the fear of putting clay into my oven. I baked these bad boys so I wouldn't have to wait three days for them to dry.

Did I mention that I love them?!? So does my daughter, she saw it when she got home from school and snagged it right up. She plays a Night Elf Rogue and is pretty bad ass, too. My son has too many max level characters (9) on both sides and let me tell you something - he's a BEAST!

Personally, I've played both sides. Now it isn't as bad as it sounds! Just don't play both factions on the same server and you'll be fine! People who do that are total tools.

I'll leave you with a farewell
from the game that so many love:

Lok'tar Ogar!

That's right! She's rockin' that Hearthstone!



  1. Heck yeah I knew what that was. Looks great on Kat:)

    I made one for dragon con a few years back: Mine is, of course, FOR THE HORDE! ha!

    You know what I really want to figure out? How to make the swirl glow! There has to be a way to get a LED in there or use some of that metallic thread....

    1. Paint that glows under Blacklight maybe?

      I have to give that a try!!!!!!
      And of course I knew you would know what it was! LOL =D

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